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Extended Family Portrait Session | Plymouth, IN

There is nothing quite like family. During this session, not one, but three families were able to meet up to capture beautiful memories.

Kathy and Bob are the sweetest grandparents to their two grandsons, ages one and three. The second family, Amanda and Scott, have the cutest little boy. His bright blue eyes are simply the sweetest. The third family, Jessica and Adam, have a cute and silly little three-year-old boy. Both boys did a great job during this longer session!

The location for this shoot was at a park tucked away in Plymouth, IN. The pond features a weeping willow tree that comprised most of their images, but we also shot at a white gazebo and overlooking the water. So many beautiful golden hour portraits, it is near impossible to choose a favorite!

I hope you enjoy viewing such special moments shared between the McGregor family during this lovely family session.

“If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.”-Saint Theresa of Calcutta

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